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Metro Alliance

League Points of Differentiation:

  • The calendar won’t require expensive indoor dome games or extend teams to year-round, heavy commitment. Teams may do as they need to play (or not) in other leagues, winter leagues or travel out of state. At the same time, teams may choose to take reasonable breaks from soccer to give players and families time to participate in other activities and sports.

  • Scheduling windows of a minimum of eight weeks in Spring-Summer will allow teams to play regular, quality-level games with plenty of days in the week left for training and other events.

  • Affiliated with US Youth Soccer, Metro Alliance teams will have the right to pursue merit-based pathways in the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series (Minnesota State Cup), the US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup (Minnesota Presidents Cup) and the US Youth Soccer National League Structure via the new Minnesota Qualifier Conference entry point of the Midwest and Great Lakes Conferences.

  • Travel burden will be mitigated by the planned bracketing of teams in regional groups.

  • The cost of membership per team is only $250 and player registration.

  • This is much, much affordable than other leagues, while still providing access to the upper level pathways if they are desired.

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